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Name: Ram (RAM-ZA609010)
Identity: basic program
Function: actuarial; risk management; statistics/analysis
Height: 5'7"
Circuits: blue/white
Affiliation: Resistance

(That red lightcycle in the original movie? That's him.~)

Ram used to be an actuarial program; he always got a kick out of helping people plan for their future lives. When the Master Control Program took over the system, Ram was diverted to the Game Grid, where he survived long enough to aid in the escape of Tron and the rogue user Flynn.

Ram is a pretty laid-back guy, with a dark but mild sense of humor. While a lightweight in terms of load capacity, his ability to adapt and adjust to altered conditions is nonetheless surprisingly sophisticated; he tends to live in the moment and try to enjoy his runtime while he can. Life on the Game Grid forced him to grow outside his normal functions, drawing on precision rather than strength to endure over 200 microcycles as a "guest" of the MCP. Naturally helpful and inquisitive, he quickly bonded with fellow conscripts, especially Tron, who occupied the next cell over. It was often difficult to keep his spirits up while knowing that each time he saw any of them might his last, but as long as a few programs were able to keep the faith, he was able to hold on to hope.

-highlight below for classic movie spoilers-
Ram's lightcycle was blasted off a ramp during the daring escape from the lightcycle grid, and his functions were compromised by the crash. Initially saved by Flynn, he hung on long enough to learn who his rescuer really was. Comforted in the knowledge that the User would help Tron free the system, Ram deresolved in Flynn's arms.
...An uncounted number of cycles later, he woke in the cranial circuitry of a User who was watching a film about Flynn's son.
If there's a moral in that, it's beyond his parameters. Right now, he's just happy to have processing time again.~

((This is a roleplaying journal for the character Ram from the original Tron movie. The Tron franchise belongs to Disney. Dan Shor belongs to himself.~))
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